About Us

Witth the world’s best gear design and analysis technologies, SDG has been researching the optimized gear solutions for more than ten years in the USA. Including heavy industries, air crafts, automobiles, and even ultra-high precision fields, SDG has been helping solving gear problems and improving the performance. As a new name, SDG, we are equipped with state-of-the-art machineries, assembly lines, and the best crews, we stepped forward to become a “gear company with total services”.

SDG has developed “gear-only” software solution package and it lets us to have total gear solutions for most industrial gears.

SDG is currently manufacturing double enveloping worm gear (or globoidal gear) and it is the most difficult gear element in the filed becaused of its complex design and manufacturing mechanism. SDG will suggest right solutions for all the known problems of general worm gears.

Company NameSDG Co., Ltd.
CEODong Wook Hwang
Address59-60, Donyu1-ro, Munsan-eup, Paju-city, Korea
Business Registration Number141-81-42090
Gear Product Develop & ManufactureGear Product Develop & Manufacture


The Ultimate Gear Solution Provider

As a leader and “the ultimate gear solution provider”, SDG will not only researching gear problems but also will promise to care about our environment and the future with efficiency and energy optimized ideas.